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A hand-controlled slide show program

A hand-controlled slide show program to achieve the slide forward, back, and other functions. High recognition rates, based on c # programming using Microsoft kinect SDK. Gesture recognition is a learning program to get started....

Excel table entry

Specially formatted Excel table using the applibrary library for reading, get the corresponding cell data, is an example to an introduction to reading and writing Excel...

Student online course-selecting system

Student online selection system, systems development using b/s structure, front pages produced with Dreamweaver 8, back-end SQL Server database support, dynamic Web pages by using ASP language implementation level database operation to complete the user's requirements. With this system could be effe...

Text to Speech Converter Sample

The demo below explains how to convert text to speech using C# in Visual Studio 2010 using System.Speech Library.Microsoft .NET framework provides System.Speech.Synthesis for voice synthesis. ...

Pma_server, create a directory and content, and then use the JSON output

Application background Connect to MSSQL server, read/add/update for simple catalogs and contents with more languages. Show out catalogs and contents with json....

SMS Application

Send And Receive Messages via GSM Device Manage SMS messages: Send, read, delete, store, import and export messages, get memory status, get/set SMS...

Serial port, Ethernet port data transmission interface

Through a serial port and Ethernet port package, to call only one interface, instantiates its own device object, you can call the appropriate read and write operations, to achieve uniform...

Time synchronization tool

The c # version of time synchronization Assistant. Timeout settings, you can modify the default server, through the PropertyGrid can be modified; You can view the detailed information; Slightly modified to serve as their scheduled time synchronization program Note: default SNTP ser...

The calculator applet

In c #, the calculator applet, including calculations, such as +-*/, and add a square, square root, such as log,LN, close to everyone's habits...

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