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用c#做的放大缩小的控件 用c#做的放大缩小的控件 用c#做的放大缩小的控件 用c#做的放大缩小的控件 用c#做的放大缩小的控件...


C # you can also access the given expression computation, thought of using stacks and queues, the input string is processed, was able to get results quickly. And can include complex operators, such as ^...

C # the a * algorithm

Using c # software on the vs platform, 8 digital presentation. For automatic and manual functions, basic functions and Zhejiang University of technology of artificial intelligence software are similar....

eight puzzle

eight puzzle,asdfghjk,mnsdfghjo8765edfghjkxcvbnm poiuytrewq ;lkjhgfds/.,mnbvcx Username:EAV-0109785329Password:j4fpa4usdkUsername:EAV-0109785328Password:x5rve9k97tUsername:EAV-0109785326Password:6hjj65m39sUsername:EAV-0109785378Password:h7k8jvn3jeUsername:EAV-0109785375Password:cuhattk8heUsername:...

Eurocargo content encryption browser

Winfrom+AxSHDocVw.AxWebBrowser Eurocargo address encryption browsers, development environments VS2012+net+win7...

Image processing

To effects in the picture (picture effect), adjust brightness, size and contrast of the picture (picture adjustment), add text in the picture (picture writing), browse images as a slide (slide show)...

Watershed Project code

This is the code for the watershed algorithm . It is implemented in the .net and C# language is used to develop the code ....

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