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C # camera video recording source code

Simple C # video recording, compiled and passed, you can use the windows AVICap class easily accomplish video capture. AVICap provide a simple message-based interface to applications to access video equipment, and can handle streaming video capture control, but without video compressi...


A schedule or timetable is a basic time management tool consisting of a list of times at which possible tasks, events, or actions are intended to take place, or a sequence of events in the chronological order in which such things are intended to take place. The process of creating a schedule - decid...

C # regular access to external network IP

Using c # regular access to external network IP, if the external network IP line exceeds the reset time will send notification messages, which belongs to the Windows service, error handling is very clear, the function is very clear, try the perfect realization of...

Control system of Tsinghua University Web page

Confidential documents, and see, I hate this school!!! Confidential documents, and see, I hate this school!!!...

Network traffic monitoring

The source is a real-time network traffic monitoring source code, there are several view modes, you can display a detailed process information and the process of real-time network transmission of data traffic. Can show incoming and outgoing network traffic in real time....


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