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二分查找(Binary Search) 二分查找又称折半查找,它是一种效率较高的查找方法。 二分查找要求:线性表是有序表,即表中结点按关键字有序,并且要用向量作为表的存储结构。不妨设有序表是递增有序的。...

face recongnition v2

this software is true face recognition. this is sample code. i think will be help. we used c# language for programing. this is good sample....

Dynamic Time Warping Algorithm Implementation i C#

Implementation of the Dynamic Time Warping algorithm.The DTW algorithm implementation was written by Tien Nguyen in C# programming language.If you have any question, please contact me at

C # plural singular value decomposition of matrix SVD to calculate its inverse covariance matrix of complex matrix full pivoting Gauss-Jordan method

Object is a complex matrix. Using the c # language, defining complex matrix class, while SVD realization of complex matrix singular value decomposition, computing its covariance matrix, select all of  the complex matrix inversion Yuan Gaosi-Jordan such as matrix operations. The oper...

Ant Colony clustering algorithm

Ant Colony clustering algorithm is a study on the formation principles of Ant heap algorithm of swarm intelligence. LF Ant bunching class algorithm of main thought is: will stay poly class of data object random placed in a II dimension regional in the, artificial Ant in II dimension regional within...

Numeric CAPTCHA recognition

The algorithm uses the C # language, to achieve a level of digital code for identification. Firstly Denoising () function for pictures pretreated to remove impurities, use to_str () function on the picture to split and converted to a string, use shibie_single () are identified for each string, the r...

GPS inertial

GPS inertial navigation system, after decompression will be 5M, which I use C# for embedded WinCE do a GPS/inertial navigation system of the combination of positioning software, including a Kalman filter algorithm (including the matrix of control), the interface displays, GPS serial port to accept t...

Satellite position coordinates solver

Satellite position coordinates solver without coordinate rotation of the earth and satellite coordinates relativistic effects of treatment at wgs-84's...

DBSCAN-clustering alogrithm

realize the DBSCAN-clustering algorithm use c # Data mining clustering algorithm based on density clustering algorithm representative, dbscan. The program is not too difficult, we facilitate learning. There are three files, classes clusteranalysis- and cluster analysis class cluster- clustering...

Multiple linear regression calculation program

Application backgroundApplication in mathematical statistics, to be the data and SPSS calculated, the calculated correlation coefficient, then in the program coefficient of substitution, you can calculate the regression results, change the program excel calculation is very convenient, can improve th...

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