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face recongnition v2

SPACE: nowrap">这个软件是真的人脸识别。这是示例代码。我想这将给予帮助。我们使用C#语言进行编程。这是很好的样本。...

Ant Colony clustering algorithm

indent:27.0pt;"> 蚁群聚类算法是人们对蚂蚁堆形成原理进行研究而产生的一种群体智能算法。LF蚁群聚类算法的主要思想是:将待聚类的数据对象随机放置在一个二维区域中,人工蚂蚁在二维区域内随机移动,每只蚂蚁根据数据对...

Numeric CAPTCHA recognition

The algorithm uses the C # language, to achieve a level of digital code for identification. Firstly Denoising () function for pictures pretreated to remove impurities, use to_str () function on the picture to split and converted to a string, use shibie_single () are identified for each string, the r...

GPS inertial

size:14px;">GPS inertial navigation system, after decompression will be 5M, which I use C# for embedded WinCE do a GPS/inertial navigation system of the combination of positioning software, including a Kalman filter algorithm (including the matrix of control), the interface displays, GPS serial port...

DBSCAN-clustering alogrithm


Simple genetic algorithm

this is a simple implementation of genetic algorithm in C#. The application is to classify the genome....

C # analog CPU scheduling algorithm

The source simulates CPU scheduling algorithm of the three, namely priority, short hair, short job rotation and priority scheduling algorithm, the algorithm uses a graphic interface displays a Gantt chart...

Video object detection tracking routines

based Intelligent analysis, object tracking, object categorization, written in c #, is a good example....


log} P(x)" src="" style="border-style:none;vertical-align:middle;margin:0px;" />。在 Shannon\ 的"通信数学理论",他 1948年条引入字段信息理论,提出了技术。该方法被归因于范诺,他...

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