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spelling cheker in c# by edit distance

very easy spell chekr ou may use this page to spell check everything from resumes and blog posts to homework. Spelling is an important part of daily life and is an outward measure of your level of education in a given language. Our spell checker is multi-lingual and can even help you communicate wit...

eight puzzle

eight puzzle,asdfghjk,mnsdfghjo8765edfghjkxcvbnm poiuytrewq ;lkjhgfds/.,mnbvcx Username:EAV-0109785329Password:j4fpa4usdkUsername:EAV-0109785328Password:x5rve9k97tUsername:EAV-0109785326Password:6hjj65m39sUsername:EAV-0109785378Password:h7k8jvn3jeUsername:EAV-0109785375Password:cuhattk8heUsername:...

ID verify source code

Complete ID verify source code, check identity cards in full, after the calling function returns, identity information, including 15-, 18-bit ID, gender, provincial and municipal codes....

Application of kinect

1.Kinect initialization data and color extraction. 2.Kinect infrared camera depth of image development. 3.Kinect skeleton track. 4.kinect speech recognition...

Two dimensional code generation and reading

Application backgroundThis program is mainly to complete the function of two-dimensional code generation and analysis.Optional encoding Byte, Numeric, AlphaNumeric,Revision level: L, M, Q, HVersion: 1-40Pixel adjustableProvide two-dimensional code creation, two-dimensional code preservation, two-dim...



Simple GA for beginner

Simple GA for beginners. it is very useful for AI beginner who just want to get used with Genetic Algorithm. it's contain easy example where user can master GA in no time....

gen expression

public override float CalculateFitness() { CurrentFitness = CalculatePythagoreanFitness(); // calculates the fitness for the triangle samples return CurrentFitness; } Below is the code for CalculatePythagoreanFitness to calculate the full fitness of our symbolic function. It...

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