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Image Erosion and Dilation

hand side of the sample application’s user interface users can adjust the provided controls in order to modify the method of filtering being implemented.The three CheckBoxes labelled Red, Green and Blue relate to whether the relevant colour component will be regarded or not when implementing the c...

Student management system

Application backgroundFunction profileCan be from the administrator or user login password is unlimitedOrdinary user functions are as follows: classes, student achievement query query, help, exit the systemAdministrator functions as follows: classes query, query student achievement, student achievem...

Class for doing administrative tasks of a MS SQL Server database.Such as backup,restore,shrink.

Class for doing administrative tasks of a MS SQL Server database.Such as backup,restore,shrink....

Order processing in ASP.NET

space:nowrap;font-size:14px;">在此项目中创建在.net 中,可以调用一个 web 服务的"订单处理"我的应用 每当我需要从任何地方访问我的服务...

SQL Server Connection Dialog (Extensible)

size:16px;">翻译maninwest@Codeforge作者: Chris Winkelmann  @CodeProject 显示具有扩展功能的 SQL 连接对话框,保存其生成的连接字符串到任何位置的连接 介绍: 首先要感谢 TWallick  想出了使用 Microsoft.Data.ConnectionUI.dll  和 Micro...

Northwind N-Tier Blueprint Application Using WPF/WCF/LINQ to SQL

Tier Blueprint is a Windows client application that can be used to manage the customers and their details of a fictitious company called Northwind Traders. This application is developed as a blueprint to showcase an enterprise standard architecture using the .NET 3.5 technologies like WPF, WCF, and...

Database course set up complete code, with test data

Application backgroundDo a small program at the University, the program is the use of C# encoding platform, some of the basic requirements of the database, can meet the needs of beginners, now upload to you, we hope to helpKey TechnologyADO.NET, c#, SQLserver, database. This little program is done i...


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