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Hospital station code, for learning reference

Application backgroundShanghai a hospital station B/S site code, very brilliant, compressed packet with a complete MSSQL database...

snake game with c# game

Snake  game is a video game concept which originated during the late 1970s in arcades. The name applies to the general game design; the original was not named Snake, and there is no definitive version of the game. Its simplicity has led to many implementations of the Snake concept. After it bec...

How to insert data using data grid

For most people, muscular arms invoke images of biceps that bulge like Pop eye. But in actuality, strong triceps are the foundation for strong arms even though they are less visible. A triceps pushdown is a great exercise to do to isolate training on this important muscle group.Difficulty:Moder...


Application background  digital DIPDemo_vc6 image processing and machine vision vc++ source code, including VC6.0 and VS2010 engineering, graphics and image processing VC program, a single document interface, to achieve the basic image processing algorithms, each function has Chinese Notes...


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