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FANUC Focas lib 2.5 complete development kits and Protocol test tools

Application backgroundFOCAS 2.5 complete development of data packets, including a detailed development documentation, including testing procedures for testing machine tools...

CVR100 the second generation ID card reader SDK routines

CTS CVR100-A/U second generation ID card reader SDK routines, provide a complete identity reads, minor alternations can be used for project development....

Client OPC client program (c#)

Application backgroundTest OPC client program is available, the need to be able to learn from the next, is developed with c# under the.NET platform....

WINCE6.0 TSC2006 touch-screen controllers drivers

1.2V to 3.6V, 12-Bit, Nanopower, 4-Wire TOUCH SCREEN CONTROLLER with SPI™ Interface WINCE6.0 TSC2006 touch-screen controllers drivers...

C # USB Library

Application background C# USB Library C# USB Library C# USB Library C# USB Library C# USB Library C# USB Library C# USB Library C# USB Library C# USB Library C# USB Library C# USB Library C# USB Library C# USB Li...


toolkit for test and connected wifi with wince50 and openetcf. command for signal level , accesspoint and connection...


Dynamic TWAIN特性: 能和纯Win32 API环境以及汇编环境兼容,这样使得Dynamic TWAIN: 更小:不需要C/C++运行函数库; 更快:JPEG译码器的核心引擎以及Dynamic TWAIN的图象处理部分通过汇编语言得到了优化; 发布更容易...

42 common c # class

C # water wave,the cmd.txtand theCookie.txt,GMT time conversion. txt, support dragging the file. txt, . txt, registry operations string check. txt, random 100 sound. txt, Open a. txt file in the specified path dialog box,IE browser registry. txt...


C # SendMessage operation cameras (this.hHwnd,0x41e,0,0); IDataObject obj1=Clipboard.GetDataObject () new to camera video, was a sophomore when at that time because of the laboratory on a small project in my hands, so I learned some of the videos and the like. When demand is already recorded surveil...


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