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Slider switch

Prepared by the C#2010 slider controls, can also be used as a toggle switch, by setting the Select property type as a slider or switch;Control background images are external, can be achieved by replacing the Pic in the picture; effects can view compiled results: binRelease....

Progress Bar Go ogle Chrome

Translated by maninwest@Codeforge Author:VallarasuS@CodeProjectThis article demonstrates creating a Goo gle Chrome themed ProgressBar control from scratch.BackgroundAny ProgressBar control relies on a value and its graphical representation. Go ogle Chrome downloader has a circular representation of...

Grid Row Visibility Change

Translated by maninwest@Codeforge Author:K K Srinivasan@CodeProjectThis tip is to give you the idea how to change the visibility of Grid’s row.BackgroundActually lots of ways are there to do the above thing. Here I would like to give you the idea, based on Boolean value we can do the visibility ch...

Custom Windows control

Application backgroundUsers in the production of the application, in order to make the button more beautiful, you can make a button. This example is achieved through the custom Windows control, and the use of the GraphicsPath class AddArc method and AddLine method to draw a rounded rectangle, so tha...


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