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Grid Row Visibility Change

height:1.5;">在开始之前,了解一下可见模式可见– 控件始终在布局中并显示给用户。收起 – 控件不显示在布局中。其他控件发生布局调整。隐藏 –控件不显示但是会保留在布局中的位置。未发生调整。使用代码Step 1:我只通过我...

GlowButton - A Glowing Button Control

Translated by  maninwest@Codeforge  Author:John Underhill @ CodeprojectJust a Quickie...Recently I came across the KMP Player software, and was looking over some of the graphic elements (and if you want to see some really good graphics work, I recommend you check it out). One of the elemen...

Progress Bar Go ogle Chrome

2, -2); rect.Height -= 2; rect.Width -= 2; float startAngle = -90; float sweepAngle = Progress / 100 * 360; e.Graphics.FillPie(progressBrush, rect, startAngle, sweepAngle); } }这里是如何使用图形路径和4条线绘制圆圈和细分部分。对 Graphics 对象...


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