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Excel table entry

Specially formatted Excel table using the applibrary library for reading, get the corresponding cell data, is an example to an introduction to reading and writing Excel...

Vector raster --e00 file

Application backgroundVector raster --e00 file   the program is used to open the E00 vector file, can correctly display the vector structure, and then support vector raster rendering out the same way to support the image, roaming, is GIS for beginners to use (E00 file when a generic GIS data fi...

App development SDK

1 the use of objectThe API is currently only for WeChat public platform for developers to document all the API package: is the WeChat service number and subscription. Does not support WeChat enterprise and mobile terminal API.But do not rule ou...

SIEMENS S7200 Communications

Application backgroundThis is C# realization of Siemens S7200 PLC and host computer driven development, can be used to obtain the data of PLC, using PPI Protocol Serial Driver, source code to read and write PLC real-time data, the effect is good.Key TechnologyC# S7 - 200 PLC and PC communication, PP...

RFID tag reader

Application backgroundRFID tag read and write program source code demonstrates the ISO18000-6B,   6C standard RFID code for all the details of the operation, the development environment for Studio Visual 2010, the use of.Net 2 development, welcome to learn to discuss and jointly improve.Key Tec...

M2mqtt- source code (mqtt client)

Application backgroundM2mqtt- source code, mqtt client C# open source code...

OPC client C# test

Application backgroundThe program using VS2010C# programming, electrophoresis OPCDAAuto.dll file, to achieve synchronous asynchronous read and write OPC, the program is simple and practical, it can be easily integrated into the advanced control software. Suitable for the beginning of learning OPC pr...

Simulation of radar scanning

This is a radar image of the interface is useful for dynamic observation radar scans we can download and take a look at all of the radar application is very useful thank you                    &Nbsp; &...

Cross-platform simulation in c # Web pages submitted by Post

Submitted by simulation in c # Web page based on cross-platform Post, I believe many people have had similar experiences, to achieve automatic procedures for the submission, as well as cross-platform, in fact this is very simple...

Written in c # virtual keyboard

C # to write a virtual keyboard, you might find the keyboard writing, WinForm project may need to call a third party keyboard, you can switch input method, Chinese and English switch...

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