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Substation locating and sizing (4)

Substation locating and sizing based on LCC model for instance, four substation location unknown, unknown capacity, loading capacity is known, cheap pieces....

Excel table entry

Specially formatted Excel table using the applibrary library for reading, get the corresponding cell data, is an example to an introduction to reading and writing Excel...

App development SDK

1 the use of objectThe API is currently only for WeChat public platform for developers to document all the API package: is the WeChat service number and subscription. Does not support WeChat enterprise and mobile terminal API.But do not rule ou...

Simulation of radar scanning

This is a radar image of the interface is useful for dynamic observation radar scans we can download and take a look at all of the radar application is very useful thank you                    &Nbsp; &...

C # implementation of matrix class

This is a c # implementation of the matrix class, including the SVD decomposition, calculating pseudo inverse moment, simple and easy to use. Matrix data format is double[,]....


JPGs to AVI Converts a series of JPG images into an AVI video file. Copyright (C) 2011 Jarrin Jambik -------------- License -------------- This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Fre...

Clock with C # language

C # language of the clock, the effect is beautiful, easy to understand code....

ArcEngine histogram

Application backgroundUsing ArcEngine to generate a variety of patterns of thematic maps, version ArcGIS10.1...

SMS Application

Send And Receive Messages via GSM Device Manage SMS messages: Send, read, delete, store, import and export messages, get memory status, get/set SMS...

Time synchronization tool

The c # version of time synchronization Assistant. Timeout settings, you can modify the default server, through the PropertyGrid can be modified; You can view the detailed information; Slightly modified to serve as their scheduled time synchronization program Note: default SNTP ser...

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