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Hierarchical clustering method

Hierarchical Clustering through data set in accordance with a method for hierarchical decomposition, up until a certain condition is met. In accordance with the classification principles are different, can be divided into two cohesion and splitting methods, this procedure through the c # code that s...

Roman to Arabic converter

This simple aplication helps you to convert roman notation of number to arabic and arabic to roman. ...

Real estate sales management system

Increasing housing stock, modify listings, and delete listings, home console, see Customer management Add customer information, modify account information, delete your customer information, query the customer Business management Rights management User management: modify, delete save, backup dat...

It's a good thing

That's a good thing, worth downloading is a good thing is a good thing is a good thing is a good thing...

Library simulation GUI and chat form with delegates

Library simulation with books and students include orders connection this code with data base. Form chat simulation...

Matrix inverse

This is a small .cs file to work with matrix: get inverted matrix (^-1). To inverse matrix call InvertMatrix(double[][] A) There some additional functions like Multiply and Transpose. It's not a Matrix class, it's just a class with static functions to work with standart matrices....

C#TC35 sending English SMS

C # to write a simple PC, realizes the TC35 GSM module send English SMS function, the code is very simple, just play a guiding role Temporarily unable to send Chinese SMS...

WebService building

WebService building a simple template used to write functions better for beginners to learn coding skills...

Package class implements a simple calculator

Calculators can be programmed learning have begun learning to program one of the most common examples, many colleges and universities test student programming abilities, usually written using the calculator to evaluate students. This instance will use the encapsulation in object-oriented programming...

C # development Backgammon

It's developed in c # is simple gobang game, Backgammon background images in the compressed file, sunspots, white, and Board diagrams. Also includes source code for backgammon, suitable for beginners to learn....

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