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QR code scanning wrote in c # source code


C# temperature monitor system

cs">使用C#编写的,温度检测与控制的上位机程序,是一个很好的串口学习的源代码。包括串口测试,串口设置,环境温度的波形显示,环境温度设置,环境温度调控,数据管理,打印,数据存储等。           &nb...

TCP&UDP debug tool


C# source code management system source touch screen catering software (CS Architecture).Net source code

family:微软雅黑;background-color:#FFFFFF;"> 开发环境:VS2010+SQL2005/SQL2012 开发语言 :C# 应用框架 :C/S WINFORM 登陆用户名:admin    密码:admin 关键技术 主要功能说明 1)触摸屏餐饮管理系统,系统...

Inventory management system

Inventory management system, ERP, and other related c # learning, to connect data, 2005 can be learned, and SQL connections...

SPC XBAR and Range Chart

R 控制图 使用代码1) 首先从User Control 开始。要创建一个用户控件:1创建一个新的 Windows Control 库项目2设置项目名称并单击 Ok(我的用户控件名称是 SHANUXbarRangeChart).3添加所有需要的控件4在代码中声明了所有 public 变量和 Pu...

C # invoicing system

Invoicing system is stock in the enterprises ' production and management, delivery, wholesale sale, payment, tracking management. Starting from orders received by contract, access to material sourcing, warehousing, recipients to the finished product, such as delivery, receipt, payment of the purchas...

Automated car parking system

Main aim of the project is to provide the information on the availability of parking in multiplexes without any operator in parking area by displaying availability of the parking before entering in to parking area. A display is provided at the entrance of the parking area which displays the number o...

SOCKS5 Proxy

Code for creating a SOCKS5 proxy in C#. Easy to use sourcecode. enjoy!...

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