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C # global hooks achieve amplifier features

Realized by Hook amplifier function, you can use this code to learn how global hooks are loaded....

Oscilloscope screen

Oscilloscope through c # interface, smooth interface, adjustable screen size, display 4 Channel interface simulates analog oscilloscope display, the background color can be adjusted...

C # basic interface code

Student experiment on c #, write about simple basic interface code, very basic ... Includes: the process of creating a Windows Forms application; Timer, ListView and ComboBox, DatePicker, and other common controls dynamically build TreeView nodes...

Stock Alert

Application backgroundSina finance channel, providing 7x24 hours of financial information and the global financial market quotations, covered stocks, bonds, funds, futures, trust, financial management etc. various service for individuals and businesses. In order to timely understanding of sina finan...

Expert diagnosis system

Application backgroundCan realize intelligent diagnosis and analysis, according to the real-time data, define the action rules, realize the data design of the expert system. C# working platform is very helpful.Key TechnologyRule exampleA1 then B1   if;If ~ then B1 ~ A1;  If dry skin then w...


用c#做的放大缩小的控件 用c#做的放大缩小的控件 用c#做的放大缩小的控件 用c#做的放大缩小的控件 用c#做的放大缩小的控件...

Eurocargo content encryption browser

Winfrom+AxSHDocVw.AxWebBrowser Eurocargo address encryption browsers, development environments VS2012+net+win7...

Sleep timer

Realization time off, for beginners to learn, through the command line calling system shutdown command...

Dice simple GUI game

It is a simple project for beginners who wants to learn how to use win form application, VS toolbox components. ...

C # dynamic drawing crosshairs

Interface through the labels, text boxes and other controls to achieve the image pixel coordinates of each point to read and draw lines cross through g.Drawline approach. Picture panel and display images by piactureBox....

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