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Basle camera c # Environment SDK development kit for learning camera has a very good help

The SDK includes sample code in C++ and c # environments, which uses various camera modes, trigger, single frame, continuous, multiple cameras and there are specific codes and comments is a good reference for the novice and Basler cameras for industrial applications on a wide range of cameras, hopin...

Point cloud border generation algorithm

Given a set of n points, build its borders (not necessarily convex boundary) is commonly used in graphics processing method. This procedure using a rolling ball, and connecting points boundaries, and generates an enclosing polygon containing all the points....

Compact ARCGIS map data reading program

ARCGIS publish map services, generates compact map tile data. Read the compact tile data, is of great use. This program gives the compact tiling, tile data index file structure, file structure, as well as read and display methods....

C#+Aforge video capture function

Application backgroundUsing the hardware of the video capture function is integrated in the visitor management system integrated machine USB camera, software part tried using C# language OPENGCV, emgucv and framework for the development of based on to collect images and video, after the u...

Screenshot source code be freely selected areas

A simple screenshot of the source code, the entire screen shots can also be freely selected area screenshot and save it as a file bmp format.Easy to understand, friends who are interested can download study. As learning little demo....

DirectX based on the development of three-dimensional image display C# code

Application backgroundDirectX based on the development of three-dimensional images of the display C# code, as long as the user to customize the number of points per line rows and singline_point number, plus a coordinate of the custom coordinates. Program can draw the corresponding three-dimensional...

Gabor transform written in C #

Has been compiled in vs2013 environment by achieving a eight directions four frequency feature extraction. Main function of the path you want to change it to run...

EmguCV video

Use EmguCV achieve playback video features, including the use of cameras to record video has been playing video capabilities are realized using ImageBox function is relatively simple. I hope we learn together to explore....

WinForm electronic photo album

C # development, photo browsing, auto-play. Tree-view the photos list database to store photos, support update, retrieve, delete photos, and so on....

Face recognition emgucv

This code is a c # environment emgucv (OpenCV) library for face-recognition program, very simple. Great for beginners to learn, thanks to the original author of hard labor. OpenCV is developed using c++, emgucv is a package of OpenCV, can be used directly in c # environment summary....


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