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Compact ARCGIS map data reading program

ARCGIS publish map services, generates compact map tile data. Read the compact tile data, is of great use. This program gives the compact tiling, tile data index file structure, file structure, as well as read and display methods....

Screenshot source code be freely selected areas

A simple screenshot of the source code, the entire screen shots can also be freely selected area screenshot and save it as a file bmp format.Easy to understand, friends who are interested can download study. As learning little demo....

Gabor transform written in C #

Has been compiled in vs2013 environment by achieving a eight directions four frequency feature extraction. Main function of the path you want to change it to run...

EmguCV video

Use EmguCV achieve playback video features, including the use of cameras to record video has been playing video capabilities are realized using ImageBox function is relatively simple. I hope we learn together to explore....

WinForm electronic photo album

C # development, photo browsing, auto-play. Tree-view the photos list database to store photos, support update, retrieve, delete photos, and so on....

WPF graphics designer

This is set WPF graphics design device, in a foreign website Shang found of, contains package source, inside of code design thought very rod, very for novice, also contains a examples, can for work flow engine of students learning, inside contains common of flowchart graphics: began, ended, process,...

Unity material package

Application backgroundShader Bundle 1.6  is released on the  asset store  and  Unitymagic  and will hopefully help make to looking better you graphics.  Chickens;Key TechnologySkinshaders:- changed to run in pass 1 instead of 3, it only slower 5% than bumped specular on my PC...

Isotherms drawn

Efficient drawing of isotherms code, DirectX, for soil temperature field mapping, two-dimensional calculation grid drawing. I'm back again but I hope this time is better. In this article, I'll discuss the line contouring part of the application. Contour line is a curve connecting points where...

Source Code Graph With DFS and BFS C#

This is Source Code Grap with DFS, BFS with Array Multi Dimension in Console Application C#, Hope it Will Help for learning about Grap....

Computer Vision Applications with C#

Moving on from Part II, this article presents a tracking algorithm. The Centroid tracker presented in Part II was not actually a tracking algorithm but a fancy trick. All the "tracker" was doing was to find the centroid of the backprojected image and put a bounding box around it - thi...


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