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Draw sample c # GUI code

Histograms, charts, SQL databaseDrawing beginners Demo available...

Draw curves using WPF source code

Source description: And source characteristics Developed using WinForm frame, draw curves using WPF, you can zoom in, drag the Second, the function Source is a draw curves using WPF source code, welcome to download Third, the menu function 1 draw a curve shape, using knowledge of WPF, the grap...

OSM data download

OSM is the world's largest database of open maps, allow anyone to freely upload, identity map data, also allows users to freely download the map, is the world's fastest-updated site map vector data. Download OSM data for scientific research, production, and are of great use. This program uses c # an...

Map tile map service

Map tile service is the map tile data have been generated according to a certain URL to be released, one way to share maps. This procedure completed the map tile files of sample program, for your reference....

C# parsing and generation of two-dimensional code

Application backgroundC# parsing and generation of two-dimensional code, this can easily generate a two-dimensional code and analysis it, rare resources, you deserve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...


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