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Basle camera c # Environment SDK development kit for learning camera has a very good help

The SDK includes sample code in C++ and c # environments, which uses various camera modes, trigger, single frame, continuous, multiple cameras and there are specific codes and comments is a good reference for the novice and Basler cameras for industrial applications on a wide range of cameras, hopin...

Screenshot source code be freely selected areas


Gabor transform written in C #

Has been compiled in vs2013 environment by achieving a eight directions four frequency feature extraction. Main function of the path you want to change it to run...

EmguCV video


Face recognition emgucv

This code is a c # environment emgucv (OpenCV) library for face-recognition program, very simple. Great for beginners to learn, thanks to the original author of hard labor. OpenCV is developed using c++, emgucv is a package of OpenCV, can be used directly in c # environment summary....

WPF graphics designer

This is set WPF graphics design device, in a foreign website Shang found of, contains package source, inside of code design thought very rod, very for novice, also contains a examples, can for work flow engine of students learning, inside contains common of flowchart graphics: began, ended, process,...

Draw sample c # GUI code

size:16px;">柱状图,走势图,附SQL数据库 画图Demo 初学可用...

Draw curves using WPF source code

size:14px;">源码描述: 一、源码特点       采用winform构进行开发,利用WPF画曲线,可放大缩小,拖动等 二、功能介绍       本源码是一个利用WPF画曲线源码,欢迎下载 三、菜单功能  ...

Isotherms drawn

Efficient drawing of isotherms code, DirectX, for soil temperature field mapping, two-dimensional calculation grid drawing. I'm back again but I hope this time is better. In this article, I'll discuss the line contouring part of the application. Contour line is a curve connecting points where...

Skins Windows Forms program

Click right button pops up a shortcut menu for a replacement form skin, and in the shortcut menu, select change under the skin of any menu item, the program will replace the current form of the skin...


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