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C# About Bluetooth Communication Development

C # on computer software that communicates with the phone via Bluetooth phones. Achieve mobile client through a simple algorithm and Bluetooth technology and communication computer, so you can make the phone and computer can communicate well, on this basis, to achieve a more convenient mobile phone...

Highly concurrent SOCKET in c # source code,

SOCKET, test procedures, client and server, and supports file transfer...


SocketToolSocketToolSocketToolSocketToolSocketToolSocketToolSocketToolSocketToolSocketToolSocketToolSocketToolSocketTool SocketToolSocketToolSocketToolSocketToolSocketToolSocketToolSocketToolSocketToolSocketToolSocketToolSocketTool SocketToolSocketToolSocketToolSocketToolSocketToolSocketToolSocketTo...

Internet chat room based on C#

Application backgroundWith the development of computer technology and the increasing popularity of Internet, network applications have become an important part of people's daily leisure and entertainment. This paper mainly introduces the application of the chat room, in various network applications,...

Socket Communications

Socket Communications detailed tutorial, please refer to: Http:// platform SocketTcp communications framework-a simple example-server that implements a simple client message answer. aspx Please pay attention to AgileEAS.NET official websit...


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