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Instant Chat (server and client)

Simple tcp / ip protocol detailed client and server to receive and send information. Online IM exchanges, establish a conference room (you can set the password), Member (passwords, avatars etc.) and online management department. Server / Client Services respectively and client, the server...

Network port test program

This code Detect IP address port number that the server is available. Welcome to download and trial. Thank you all for your support! Hope can help!...

Analytical XML c # multithreaded socket programming

This code aims to receive client sends XML document with c # package, save it to a file and deserialize XML save data to an object in the. Used in the program is multithreaded TCP/IP transmission mode for receiving, source code package comes with a serial debugging assistant, when the client is usin...

OPMP3Play music player

Application backgroundOPMP3Play is an online music player plugin for JQuery.Player using Flex 4 development, combined with the Javascript front script, to achieve the synchronization of web pages online.The program is very simple to use, just a simple initialization can be usedKey Technology...

Written in c #, P2P chat room

P2P chat written in c #, I have written can be used c # design can use basic templates on, very good ......

The process manager

C# process manager, the process CPU utilization, is the use of the timer, the source code inside the Cabinet ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .......

Socket programming

Socket programming based on c # development, communication via GPRS, asynchronous means of communication, with some studies value; suitable for beginners learning...

Get the NPP Cookie of the Nexon site to use with clientless bot

A method to retreive the NPP Cookie from the warrock website used for Clientless bots or Emulators.You only need to sniff the packets from the client after you get the NPP cookie and send it back to the server....

C#Socket form of asynchronous communication

In VS 2008 platform Socket communications program written in the c # language, the use of asynchronous mode, including both client and server code, easy to understand, suits the beginner, tested...


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