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Using C# Classes in Matlab

In this article, I will try to explain how one can use .NET class from Matlab, in a simple and helpful way. So let me explain it like a "recipe"....

Use matlab papers

Use matlab papers, I hope to help beginners, especially children of mixed programming....

One more time to play1

[ldpc_decoder_802_3an_latest.tar.gz] - 802.3an ldpc decoder verilog Դ��  [des-verilog.rar] - des encryption algorithm to achieve the verilog language  [xapp270_verilog.rar] - xilinx companies Triple DES encryption code used for simulating an internal document...

Image segmentation

Deal primarily with image segmentation. This is an old algorithm. This is image segmentation procedures, based on the partial differential method CV Segmentation You to download and see. How much help can help....

Discrete Optimization of Trusses using Genetic Algorithms

During the last few years, several methods have been developed for the optimal design of structures. However,most of them, because of their calculus-based nature, treat the search space of the problem as continuous, when itis really discrete. This leads to unrealistic solutions and complex processes...


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