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Smart card Reader

smart card reader : This is the sample application for the smart card reader.  This demo helps......

WINCE graphical controls

WinCE under custom controls, independent development can zoom in, and navigation. Features many, many, for term homemade save open pictures and so on...

C# rendering real-time curves include drawing the coordinates axis

Application backgroundIn actual project we often need to draw some real-time image data, such as the company's water, electricity consumption and play audio and video real-time display of the current audio and so on, in we are most familiar with the task manager also has such a function, used to rep...

C # open serial receive data (GPS)

WinCE GPS serial receive data tools with platform Wince5.0 6.0 serial in mobile,C# opens, processes and methods of receiving data....

Under WINCE 3G dial-up source code

Under WINCE platform for 3G Dial / Disconnect source, supports GRPS / CDMA modes  With C # language a 3G dial-up operations, a simple call on Ras, can freely expand...

C# text editor source

Application backgroundC# source text editor C# source text editor C# source text editor C# source text editor C# source text editor C# source text editor C# source text editor C# source text editor C# source text editor C# source text editor C# source text editor C# source text editor C# source text...

windows phone para visual estudio 2010

gdfgdgvf ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff...

WinCE GPRS dial-up Internet access

WinCE GPRS dial-up Internet access c # programming, interface, code clarity and understandable, good help for beginners, experienced may wish to take a look, share exchanges, hahaha...


this examlpe shows how to configure the TIM peripheral in PWM(Pulse Width Modulation mode). the four PWM signals generated with different duty cycles are then fed to the robot CC motor phase.Display menu to choose between different motor speed:STOP/LOW/MEDIUM/HIGH/VERY HIGHLCD:based on the user sele...

Serial port Hunter 3.0

For the host PC in terms of:  1, the establishment of the project;  2, insert the MSComm control in the project  3, the use of the controlled variable ClassWizard definition CMSComm  4, add controls in the dialog box  5, add serial event message handler OnComm ()&n...


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