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Smart card Reader

smart card reader : This is the sample application for the smart card reader.  This demo helps......

C # open serial receive data (GPS)

WinCE GPS serial receive data tools with platform Wince5.0 6.0 serial in mobile,C# opens, processes and methods of receiving data....

Under WINCE 3G dial-up source code

size:14px;">WINCE平台下3G拨号/断开源码,支持GRPS/CDMA两种模式 用C#语言编写的一个3G拨号操作类 ,基于Ras 调用简单,可以自由扩展...

windows phone para visual estudio 2010

gdfgdgvf ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff...

WinCE GPRS dial-up Internet access

space:nowrap;">wince gprs 拨号上网 c#编程,有界面,代码清晰易懂,初学者好帮手,有经验的也不妨来看看,大家交流交流,哈哈哈...


output target-output" style="margin: 0px 0px 5px; padding: 0px;">本例演示如何配置提姆周在PWM(脉冲宽度调制方式)。四PWM信号产生不同的占空比送入机器人CC电机相。显示菜单以不同转速之间选择:停止/低/中/高/很高液晶显示器:根据用户...

Serial port Hunter 3.0

size:14px;">对于上位机而言: 1、建立项目;  2、在项目中插入MSComm控件   3、利用ClassWizard定义CMSComm类控制变量  4、在对话框中添加控件     5、添加串口事件消息处理函数OnComm()  6、打开和设置串口参数&...


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