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Biometric Attendance and Instant Notification System

The System we developed is actually based on three major modules. >keeping record of all In/Out activities by printing, finger prints on machine >Marking attendance > Message alert system to the parents with every check-in or check-out of student....

C # read/write database

Database read and write code to access ACCESS database is automatically created and a filtering function, requires a username matches in order to modify, revoke modify function!...

C # database connection and heatmap rendering matrix calculation

C # database connection and heatmap rendering matrix calculations using Oracle library reads data, inserting  data using linear difference and argis secondary development Insert hotspots and insert the results in the results  matrix...

Cnki file extraction tool

According to table field information cnki pinpoint and extract the files to a different directory, this program is not limited to cnki datasheet for any table with file paths, minor was capable...

Database dictionary generation tool

Application backgroundData dictionary generation tool, supports EXECL, WORD, PDM three templates, a direct import template can generate a SQL script. And you can export the table structure from the database to explain the document, the operation is simple and easy to use....

Car ticket booking system

Application backgroundBased on the web ticketing system to delete the increase as well as the administrator function...

Training and placement management Project

This project is developed to keep to record and details of Training and placement cell of a college....

Sqlce+ access to local databases

An example of using SQLce with c#. Descriped how to use locale data base file (*.sdf) to store datas and access it. I copy this for my wince7.0 to develop my own application. any way, it\'s worth your attention to have a look....

Project of Coke studio pakistan

My project is about coke studio system of Pakistan. I enter season of coke studio name of singer album or etc then i store this is database which i connected . then insert this record in database and also show this record in data grid-view. i also attached button of clear in my form if i wish to ent...


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