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Apriori Frequent Itemset Mining

This is a datamining tool for apriori algorithm. This wrote in c# and .NET 2.0, very easy to understand and you can rewrite it to make it more efficient....

Efficient Claim System

pos="42|1" right-pos="42|1" space="" style="font-family:arial;color:#333333;font-size: 14px; line-height: 22px;">...

DSA management

It is a project of a database of a university DSA management, DSA means department of Students' Affairs.. here i work in C#,vhdvlhjchxbcxjbcxbxcnbxcnb nxcb nxcnjbkjdbcjcxxcjkbkxcjbvkjvbxjbvjxbvhfufhisudhfkjdcnkxznknkzxjn bmnm mn,zmnckznkzcjsiodcjsdijcknk kn knknckdcnkdnknckcsdkjcknczknzknlzmlmzlmzlm...


space:nowrap;"> /* The  Visual C# 2010 code for Multi-Texton Histogram.             For more information, refer to:             Guang-Hai Liu, Lei Zhang,etc. Image Retrieval Based on Multi-Texton Histogram. Pattern Recognition,2...

Database learning

size:16px;">初次接触数据库的童鞋们 从简单的实例中 慢慢学习 逐步认识 本例注重c#的训练 更清晰的讲解 有关windows窗体...

Account software

size:14px;">这个项目是由帐户管理系统组成。雇员的数据给数据库。usernme 和密码用于开放系统。...

C# serial port

size:14px;">C# 之中 Serial port 的簡單連接教學 串口:/dev/ttyUSB0 鮑率:9600 位元:8 基數檢查碼:1...

Door to door vegetable service

size:16px;">门到门蔬菜服务程序的人可以订购从他们的家的蔬菜和蔬菜将 蔬菜店到他们的家。这个项目是蔬菜销售者可以管理他们的 库存...

Ebook reader


Attendace System using access

Attendace System using miicrosoft accesss as backend database this is good in projects :) sorry for the messy code...


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