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More hotel management system

size:14px;">of the features required for ordinary hotels...

Show ACCESS database table in DataGridView


Based on c # FTP client-server upload and download files

FTP upload and download the files written using the c # program, simple upload, download program developed based on c/s framework, classes that encapsulate the FTP operations, including through the FTP protocol for file read, write, and so on, and easy to learn....

C# streamline the ERP system (source code)

family:Helvetica, Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;color:#333333;font-size:14px;line-height:26px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">一款用C#编写的精简ERP系统,帮你了解ERP系统和C#开发的方法...

Hospital management system

size:16.0pt;font-family:"">医院管理系统 抽象 目的: 医院目前使用手工系统的管理和维护的关键信息。当前系统需要大量的纸质表单,与数据存储传遍了整个医院管理的基础设施。(窗体)...

Biometric Attendance and Instant Notification System

align:justify;"> 我们开发的系统实际上基于三个主要模块。 > 通过打印的所有输入/输出活动记录指纹机上 > 标记出勤 > 消息提醒系统,向每个签入或签出的学生家长。...

Advanced College Management System

一切2.讲师 (考勤及内部标记的条目只)3.账目专员 (仅限交易记录)4.招生主任 (学生注册,配置文件条目只)5.学生 (查看出勤、 内部标记、 费用详细信息、 事件和主体信息)6.数据库备份和还原的选项主要特点是: slipStuden...

From the Server MySQL automatically generated business layer and data layer, SQLite, SQL database design

bit mode to maintain compatibility. If you use them, you must remember to set your project to x86 mode. If you want to use 64-bit, you must download the connectors from the appropriate website. The MySql connector can be downloaded from here. If you want to use SQLite, you can download...

C # read/write database

Database read and write code to access ACCESS database is automatically created and a filtering function, requires a username matches in order to modify, revoke modify function!...

SQLServer example

space:nowrap;">Visual Studio 2012 example in of connecting to a SQL Server are displayed in a grid.Grid contains combos date type fields....

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