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DZ forum automatic blasting tools (DMskin skin control development)

Application backgroundSecurity penetration testing essential tools, you can simply test the account security of the forum.Key TechnologyThis tool is developed using studio visual 2012. DMSKIN skin control, the speed is very good, using the thread pool and multi thread, you want to see the thread of...

C # example high performance bulk SOCKET with a completion port

Examples include SocketAsyncEventArgs communication package, the server-side implementation log viewing, SCOKET lists remote files, upload, download, stream, throughput, protocols, used to test the SocketAsyncEventArgs properties and pressure, maximum number of connections that support 65,535 maximu...

The c # port scanner

Scanner to achieve 一 Program environment 1. operating system : WindowsXP + SP2/Windows 2003 2. languange: C# 3. developer tools : Visual Studio. NET 2005 4. running support: releasefile is a Form program using C#, see...

Windos multi-core multi-threaded programming

Application backgroundWindows classic multi-core multi thread programming test, in fact, including readers who write, the tortoise and the hare, barber, producers and consumers and the dining philosophers problem source code to part of the program can further understand the process synchronization p...

TCP/IP upgrade source

Application backgroundKey TechnologyC# advanced syntax, the use of multi threading advanced technology development.Create threadT1=new Thread Var (Metho); Pass parameters to threadThread constructor with the ParameterizedThreadStart delegate parameterTo create a custom class, the thread's metho...


Implementation of foreach loop progress bar Foreach loop progress achieved Implementation of foreach loop progress bar Implementation of foreach loop progress bar Foreach loop progress achieved Foreach loop progress achieved Foreach loop progress achieved Fo...



Typing exercises

Letters fall from the top down, and immediately eliminate letters, it will disappear, interface is simple and easy to operateA based on Windows form of application, using multithreaded achieved typing practice function, in mainline Cheng Li with Timer controls timing produced Label controls, each La...

Multi Threaded WebScraping in C#

Web Scraping involves obtaining information of interest from the webpages. I tried to make a step by step guide starting from basic of webscraping using WebBrowser to a little bit advance topics like performing login and maintaining sessions via HTTPWebRequest. This is the first relea...

Scrapping Project

This is scrapping project. Its language is c#. I used HttpWebRequest Class. It can connect to https protocal. no need to verify authorization....


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