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Face detection and recognition based attendence system

My project was to create a unique attendence system which detects the faces of the students present and marks their attendence accordingly. We got face detection code from the above link and modified it further decreasing redundencies and errors particular to our project. we achieved 93% accuracy. N...

360 panoramic vision picture 3D effect is very cool

C # 360 panoramic vision Photo Gallery, 3D effect display picture, very coolWorthy of study and collection of good source code...

You can play the c # libraries for RTSP, c # play RTSP streams available, while VLC uses, there are DEMO

You can play the c # libraries for RTSP, c # play RTSP streams available, while VLC uses, there are DEMO instance, decoding and playing in the ODM library ffmege can be used as video surveillance on joint decoding standard RTSP stream to use,...

Collecting 3D points clouds with kinect in C#

This program changes a lot based on the Mircrofot's example code, It can extract deep information and store the collected cloud data into three files , easy to be further processed. ...

Image processing

Application backgroundResource descriptionC# write image processing procedures, including image denoising, edge detection, edge cutting, median filtering, image enhancement, image rotation, zoom, painting, add comments, etc.Using a large number of algorithms, such as the Laplasse operator, Sobel, et...

Complex text recognition in pictures

The extract text from a picture in this article, images rather than a single, but a more complex context. Using c language programming and debugging at last to achieve the desired results. Source code all the attachments....

Facial Expression Detector

It is a facial expression detection tool based on C#,net.. First we binarize the image and detect the face. then it is classified into eyes and lips. Based on these facial expression is detected.....

Automatic recognition of images

Can automatically extract the text from the picture, dahua webcam for word recognition SDK second development information, the official does not, this is my online collection of another SDK developer documentation, must have this document for correct development of ......

C # read image basic processing as a horizontally mirrored and vertically mirrored,

This code provides the most basic image, save the image, image processing, such as horizontal mirror, vertical mirror, and so on. There three ways to manipulate images memory method, the pointer method and pixel method....

C#+ EmguCV SURF algorithm implementation

EmguCV, official site of example, SURF algorithm implementation and its implementation using GPU acceleration, looking at more complex. In addition, the website examples of interface implementation does not do, looking uncomfortable, load the picture is also not very convenient, so, in order to lear...

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