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Image processing

Application backgroundResource descriptionC# write image processing procedures, including image denoising, edge detection, edge cutting, median filtering, image enhancement, image rotation, zoom, painting, add comments, etc.Using a large number of algorithms, such as the Laplasse operator, Sobel, et...

C # read image basic processing as a horizontally mirrored and vertically mirrored,

This code provides the most basic image, save the image, image processing, such as horizontal mirror, vertical mirror, and so on. There three ways to manipulate images memory method, the pointer method and pixel method....

C # QR decoder

Call Zing decode implement QR codes in multiple formats, powerful, processing speed is faster. Call Zing decode implement QR codes in multiple formats, powerful, processing speed is faster. Call Zing decode implement QR codes in multiple formats, powerful, processing speed is faster. Call Zing decod...

C # development of Dicom Editor

An example of c # DICOM medical graphic programs, full source code, indispensable for learning a DICOM stuff! Includes image read, label reading, modifying, saving, and image formats, such as, dictionaries and data storage conversion code can be directly used....

Convert SVG files into standard XAML description file

Svg2Xaml is a stand-alone library without using third-party libraries like SvgReader, XamlTune or SVG#. Its main purpose is to load SVG files at runtime, the converted WPF object can be saved using XamlWriter to create XAML files though....


Reads DICOM c # and display images. This is a valid read local DICOM file, and displays the contents to the inner, achieve an effective document and picture conversion...


图片选转,另外  /// <summary>         /// 任意角度旋转,正数顺时针旋转         /// </summary>         /// <param name="bmp">原始图Bitmap</pa...

Face Recognition Using EmguCV and Cognitec API

This program performs face recognition based on EmguCV and CognitecAPI. EmguCV is the C# framework of C++ based OpenCV library, which is widely used for computer vision. Cognitec develops algorithms for performing face recognition. The program first asks user to provide an id, then capture 10 images...

A c # image processing, set neural networks and genetic algorithms

Global search method is an efficient parallel genetic algorithms, has better robustness, parallelism, and adaptability, is ideal for a large search space optimization. Genetic algorithm is widely used in many disciplines and fields, image filtering and application to image threshold segmentation als...

Face detection, using emgucv

Application backgroundFace detection is a computer technology that identifies human faces in digital images. It detects human faces which might then be used for recognizing a particular face. This technology is being used in a variety of applications nowadays. please review my codesKey Technolo...


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