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face and eye detection c#

This sample code provides you the concept on how image processing is done and manipulated using EmguCV. One good example of image processing is FACE and Object DETECTION and RECOGNITION etc. but in this sample code I only give Face detection and Eyes detection concept. I Hope you guys, you appreciat...

A hand-controlled slide show program

controlled slide show program to achieve the slide forward, back, and other functions. High recognition rates, based on c # programming using Microsoft kinect SDK. Gesture recognition is a learning program to get started....

Identify cells in a uploaded picture (a total of 8 different kinds of cells)

family:宋体;">识别上传的图片内的细胞(共8种不同的细胞),分别按不同类型分类统计个数。准确率95%以上。识别时间不超过一分钟。 1霉菌孢子:孢子有单个孢子(卵圆形)存在或有孢体分裂有共存的小体呈葫芦状 ...


Very nice to read and process DICOM images for the DEMO.Very good read and process DICOM images DEMO very good read and process DICOM images DEMO...

Information collection system for Kinect

Kinect-based data collection system, to collect the information of the clothes, for example. Record every physical object corresponds to the image information and depth information and store corresponding to them. Is BGR image information, using a lossless PNG format, depth information stored in gra...

Face detection

space:nowrap;">======================================================================== MICROSOFT 基础类库: TrackEye ======================================================================== 应用程序向导已创建此为您的 TrackEye 应用程序。此应用程序 不仅演示...

Face Detection system

space:nowrap;">================================================================================ MICROSOFT 基础类库: 详细项目概述 =============================================================================== 应用程序向导已创建这个详细的应用程序 你。此应用...

surf algorithm demo


Active Learning for interactive Image Retrieval

The project domain is Active Learning for interactive Image Retrieval. This project has five modues namely ComparableImage,ImageUtility,RgbProjections,SimilarityImages and the Retrieval. It shows graphical records of the images also. ...

Image Processing with filters

size:12.0pt;line-height:150%;font-family:"color:black;">此代码是图像的创建编辑和操纵系统的原型。算法所实现特定图像作进一步处理。反相、 灰度、 对比度、 阈值和颜色筛选器通常在此系统中根深蒂固。获取模糊、 锐化效果可以使...


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