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Image shadow detection

includes 10 sports vehicle detection and elimination of the shadow of small papers, for intelligent traffic so helpful, the desire to help everyone....

Digital image processing

Digital image processing c # based learning details, sub-module detailed instruction for beginners to learn.Contains the source code can be run directly suitable programming operations under c #.Digital image processing, my mother no longer have to worry about my learning.From books.I hope to share...

Camera acquisition

VS2010 environments, using the c # language to achieve computer camera or USB camera collection and display features, and is free to choose the camera, the code is very simple, suitable for beginners to learn. Has the certain reference value, working properly there is no Bug....

XNA4.0 code

XNA4.0 version of the Elf Chase part of the main code is primarily a 2D collision detection is very useful for learning XNA getting started I have been using it to achieve 3D imaging of rat renal tubular effects will continue to share cool behind the XNA3D part of the rendering of teapot coloring of...

Camono control camera

Camono control the camera: this program by calling the DLL directly controlling the camera, take pictures, intercepted the picture, save picture, view pictures, video recording, stop recording video Direct video capture function, it is worth learning and using!...

C # simple video program

Through 2 picture control, capture video, to camera, use plain simple cameras, video via c # language can be developed into a simple program. This instance uses purchased from conventional cameras on the market, using VFW techniques, single-channel video surveillance system. To run the program, hull...

Sharpening Images

This program uses Laplacian Filter and  Gaussian Filter to sharpening an image , Image processing on pixel using pointer...

Image enhancement

Digital image processing using c++ to write code for image enhancement operations include, median filtering, filtering, Laplacian sharpening algorithms. Using the MFC control platform, you can manually select the images to be processed, select the algorithm, set the parameter values, and save the pr...

Gets the value at any point of the image to grayscale

Obtain the arbitrary point of gray values. Can read images, and then use your mouse to click on the image, you can get the image grayscale values of the point. Program code is easy to understand, fast running speed....


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