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C#FTP source code

C # source code, realized the FTP upload, download, view help, view the list of commands and log on, the basic realization of the FTP to all features, from the command line in console operations....

C # WinCE serial port operations

This is a c # serial ports send and receive operation examples of WinCE, and absolutely functional, if you need more action can modify the code to achieve their desired...

FTP Client C#

size:16px;">这个程序是一个简单的 FTP 客户端。它可以将文件下载到您的服务器和从服务器上载文件。它也打开文本文件。...

EdtFTPnet source code

2.2.2 版本编译可用,已经修改Ftpclient.cs使上传文件支持中文。关键技术 网上找了好久,只有这个项目是直接编译可用的。 需要先编译src的源代码 编译好了 把DLL放入需要测试的程序下面...


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