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NET rapid development framework of common permissions system

NET rapid development framework of common permissions system to quickly develop programs preferred (used actually works well)...

Vehicle management system source code

Application backgroundTo realize the common function of vehicle management, the main function of the vehicle (the system), the whole process of SMS notification and SMS audit, to achieve the mobile car service through the GPS interface, fully monitor vehicle dynamicsKey TechnologyTechnical features:... MVC

Chuan Chi podcast MVC enterprise project development management system source code and notes...

C # implementation of micro-framework

The development framework is used to implement on the implementation of the app interface, language c #. Primarily aimed at the general public, send messages, receive messages, micro-communications logs, and fan management, system logs, and so on throughout the building and implementation of the int...

Online cab booking system

·     In the folder there are 3 subfolders:    a) Code    b) Data Base    c) Doc   Restore the database backup file (.bakfile) which is present in folder (b).·        Clickon file and Click on Open...


By leveraging virtual machine (VM) technology which provides performance and fault isolation, cloud resources can be provisioned on demand in a fine grained, multiplexed manner rather than in monolithic pieces. By integrating volunteer computing into cloud architectures, we envisi...

Scientific research management system

Using ASP.NET, or c # language and MS SQL Server design and development of a teaching and research achievements management system, users of the system are divided into:: Administrators (Scientific Secretary) and teachers in General, system privileges, and teacher input, modification...

ASP.net4.0 from entry to the master

This is Zhang Zhengli first 15 chapters of the ASP.net4.0 from entry to the master source code, is very suitable for beginners. Including server controls, validation controls, user controls, database connections, Server data-bound and data source controls, data controls, such as the instance, we wan...

Loyalty points management system

HGM loyalty points management system integrating the supermarket system source codeSource description:This is a typical score of supermarket management system management system source code, the main achievement of the following functions:1, member profile managementIncludes membership add the type m...

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