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Scientific research management system

family:'ˎ̥';font-size:12.0000pt;">采用、C#或VB.net语言及MS SQL Server设计开发一个教研成果管理系统,系统用户分为::管理员(科研秘书)及教师,系统分权限管理,教师进行个人教研成果的录入、修改、删除。管理员具有汇...

Online cab booking system

height:115%;">In the folder there are 3 subfolders:    a) Code    b) Data Base    c) Doc   Restore the database backup file (.bakfile) which is present in folder (b).·        Clickon file and Click on Open and select WebSite...

OA Office system

A company automated Office system,. NET development, functional and very well set Office system rationalization system platform to provide suggestions for employees....

ASP.net4.0 from entry to the master


Fingerprint attendance system source code

Fingerprint attendance system source code source code description:Police point attendance query system, you can query based on date sign in informationAfter logging in you can view your sign in informationThe default Administrator: 10000000, password: 51aspxID number: 20000000, password: 123456 Uplo...


end code (.Net, JSP) are integrated into JSP Gantt chart Gantt chart,

Ticket printing in c #

height:26px;widows:2;background-color:#ffffff;font-family:Helvetica, Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;white-space:normal;orphans:2;color:#333333;font-size:14px;">用vs2008 c#实现各种票据打印,灵活的模板实现套打连打自定义票据尺寸以及票据的保存导出功能。 支持...

CJudgeMatrix ( construction of judgement matrix in AHP)

size:9px;">基 AHP judgment matrix building, 实现 Step one: determine the hierarchy, policy objectives, taking into account factors (decision criteria) and decisions on the relationship between them is divided into top, middle and bottom, draw a hierarchy diagram. Top: the purp...

Management system for cadres in colleges and universities

The cadres management system, relying on the Internet site, basic information on cadres, the personnel appointment and removal, providing management training portal. This is a college graduate design....

Online Mess Management System

Online Web Application handle the information about employees working at canteen, it can also add, delete and update the items information available in the canteen. The system also monitors the stock details available in the canteen. This web application monitors and handles the supplier wise stock...


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