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By leveraging virtual machine (VM) technology which provides performance and fault isolation, cloud resources can be provisioned on demand in a fine grained, multiplexed manner rather than in monolithic pieces. By integrating volunteer computing into cloud architectures, we envisi...

Design and implementation of small electronic commerce website

Application backgroundCode includes mainly involved in small e-commerce site (Customer Relationship Management) in the modular design of some key technologies, including: ASP. Net and C# language of the. The system based on Microsoft  Visual  studio  2005  and SQL  Server&nb...

ASP.NET+ upload the component source code

ASP.NET+ upload the component source code, there are three sets, film uploads, complicated upload third-party components...

WPF UI interface structures

Follow 360 UI design, using the c # language, using Microsoft's new WPF build....

Silverlight source code

This thing is Management system source code, including Silverlight and ASPNET stuff, including schema, and basic operation, the program can run, but has yet to be perfected....

Function of a library management system

Application backgroundA sound library management system, including the login screen (to join the only verification code), readers and administrators operating authority is not the same, suitable for everyone to learn and exchange. Thank you...

Micro channel development source

Application backgroundMainly used in micro channel development. Easy intellectualization opens security on-line store system have function but ultra the with the use ease to easily stationmaster establishes the commercial city think the specialized Bookstore on-line large-scale multi-styles shop exp...

Mobile phone sales system website based on.Net

Application backgroundA modified campus canteen system, made of a mobile phone sales website...

cyber cafe time counting web application

this project is used to count time spend by client in internet cafe. time start with client id verification and time count when client leave center ....

Tour and Travel in

A whole tour and travel website using framework with C# programming language. You can book travel tickets from here. totally based on sql server management studio....

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