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Pma_server, create a directory and content, and then use the JSON output

Application background Connect to MSSQL server, read/add/update for simple catalogs and contents with more languages. Show out catalogs and contents with json....

Hotel guest room management system

size:16px;">Every room in the hotel management system. Based on the c # development. Basic features include hotel management, employee management, registration, background check, and management. Databases using SQL SERVER 2008...

ASP.NET chart report learning code

<asp:chart/>,它是Asp.net3.5中的一个免费的控件,可以大大加强基于浏览器的图形表达。可以使您告别.NET生成报表统计图的烦恼(ASP.NET Chart) /// 生成单一图形时的数据源模型 告别.NET生成报表统计图的烦恼(ASP.NET Chart)。请使用VS200...

The factory pattern

space:nowrap;font-size:14px;">简单工厂模式是类的创建模式,又叫做静态工厂方法模式。就是由一个工厂类根据传入的参量决定创建出哪一种 产品类的实例。一般涉及到三种角色:工厂类:担任这个角色的是工厂方法模式的核心...

Silverlight MVVM

This small program, using Silverlight MVVM pattern development, the database uses SQLServer2008, implements only a part of them, if there are errors, we hope to criticism....

Raiders play full back-end systems

Now old version website complete program, a comprehensive article publishing site, Web site all use static pages, background optimized very well....

C # Web design

Environment of VS2008, unlikely to use SQLSever 2005,  the database   for site building and Web development with c #, this code applies only to beginners....

restaurant, meniuri

Triggers in javascript.This code is make for better visualization an for improving the aspects of the site.I use label, textbox, an wen clicking for the buton the text apear in the coin of page where i want. Also i show and hide a image.Triggers in javascript.This code is make for better visualizati...

online bookshop

size:16px;">网上书店是一个 web 应用程序,旨在满足书籍爱好者的需求。使用我们的应用程序用户想要买的在线书籍的使用我们的网站和书籍销售已在我们的应用程序中注册。用户可以访问,或者可以使用我们的应用程序仅当管理...

Calculator applet



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