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Fleet Management

size:14px;">基于 技术和编程语言 C# 和 Microsoft SQL Server 数据库的车队管理系统。...

C # Gets a date code

Code snippets function is to obtain and transformed speaking dates. By the date of this code can be converted to the format you want....



General Navigation page

space:nowrap;">wechat php test, define your token,get post data, May be due to the different environments...

C # mail download

C # mail sent with attachments. C # send mail with attachments. C # mail sent with attachments. C # send mail with attachments. C # send mail with attachments. C # send mail with attachments....

Data mining

Through the data mining functionality in Visual Studio, using data warehouse for data analysis, mainly OLAP methods are used for specific research and analysis, which subdivide the relationship and structure of the database, statistical research and analysis of all the data, the result is combined w...

Three layers of music playback

space:nowrap;">功能介绍:    用三层架构简单实现在线音乐平台,能够下载,播放音乐,百度推广分享,后台管理等    后台功能:音乐管理 歌手管理 类型管理 安全管理注意:    开发环境为Visual Studio 2008,数...

Background Web site management

Here is a compilation of some source code on the webForm Manager, accompanying databases, we are going to learn Ah...

BAMA Queen game


Download File one-time export multiple tables

1 to create the Excel table, comprising a table and its columns import template table and others need to be derived, for example the Excel table CostRecordsTemp;2 methods to create CreateExcelHerder, will tmpPath templat...

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