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Fleet Management

A Fleet management system built on technology  and programming language C# and Microsoft SQL Server database. ...

C # Gets a date code

Code snippets function is to obtain and transformed speaking dates. By the date of this code can be converted to the format you want....

Download the classic file source code

Application backgroundA classic upload download source file is C# ASPX & nbsp; is very simple, the code also notes, & nbsp; if you have any questions you can message to me, I saw immediately restore your & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;Key TechnologyClassic upload and download the source file using &...

Silverlight3 process designer

Application backgroundSilverlight3 development process designer.Can be used in the development of OA related processes.Complete visual design. Can be used for the development of OA related processes, to do a web page can basically meet the use of N multiple sets of processes.Key TechnologyKey techno...

Discussion, message, system

Application backgroundC# wrote a very fresh message board, but also good, there are the original project.Key C# reply...

.net simple unified monitoring platform

Application simple and unified monitoring platform for the performance of the cluster monitoring, application of time management, unified log management and other multi dimension performance monitoring analysis. The performance monitoring of the cluster: (the need for the server to de...

C# university article idle network (system)

Application backgroundThis site for the unused items, such as auctions placed and unused items real-time browsing and login register function module, visitors to register to become members and landing can be related to the operation and more functions, please explain.Key TechnologyThe technology use...

Supply and marketing system

Application backgroundC# writing supply and marketing system, we want to help...

Micro Xiamen online examination (tests) platform 2

Application background& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; micro Xiamen online examination (examination practice) platform is a based on B / S structure of the online learning system, through mobile phones and other mobile terminal equipment to achieve online + test practice ", to facilitate the students to make...

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