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Auto capture frame from Video using AForge and C#

space:nowrap;">Design program reads data from the webcam (or digital camera), used for the recognition of the image frame. Each image 1 second apart. File burn to disk D, the image file name associated with the scene, together with the order form. For example: anh11.jpg, anh12.jpg, anh21.jpg, anh22....

iSpy: Open Source Camera Security Software

so I decided to write it myself.As iSpy has matured more and more applications for the technology have become apparent. Existing security and surveillance software is typically expensive, dated and limited with closed source and poor control over sensitivity, lacking in features, virtually no audio...

RTSP clinet 可以实现简单的交互

For simple interactive in Windows, a simple test. In VS2010, can realize the connection to server...

transcde with ffmpeg



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