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Auto capture frame from Video using AForge and C#

Design program reads data from the webcam (or digital camera), used for the recognition of the image frame. Each image 1 second apart. File burn to disk D, the image file name associated with the scene, together with the order form. For example: anh11.jpg, anh12.jpg, anh21.jpg, anh22.jpg. In that ea...

Onvif implemented under win7 vs Discovery (client, server)

Running a server-side program in VS, you can click Discover Devices found in the ONVIF Device Test Tool, run the client program can return data....

VLC multi window code, quickly grasp the c# VLC entry

Application backgroundVideo playback and post processing library VLC, multi window development of the classic model...

iSpy: Open Source Camera Security Software

I started writing iSpy back in 2007 after finding a superb open source c# .net project called AForge. I spent a while looking around for decent, open source motion detection and recording software but didn't have much luck finding any with the capability that AForge provides - so I decided to write...

RTSP clinet 可以实现简单的交互

For simple interactive in Windows, a simple test. In VS2010, can realize the connection to server...

c # Player

The software is written in c # video player, easy to learn for beginners, complete a variety of space, playing time, frame rate, drag the progress bar...

transcde with ffmpeg

We will determine the quality of the converted fileSet the video size. This will be how big on TV the file will show. So, you can set it so that it shows full screen, instead of a small window inside your tvSet the Audio bitrateDetermine if a DVD has been inserted or notSet a Volume label for your o...


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