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Practical audio program

Before starting work, must first introduce three very important object DirectSound recording used,IDirectSoundCapture8, the device object, according to your recording equipmentto create a device object, attribute can access the de...

The music player written in c #

The music player written in c #. You can play MP3, WMA and other formats, with display model LRC lyrics....

C # automatic speech

Able to read Chinese or English automatically, has been on reading speed and volume parameter processing, in use for secondary development!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Video Audio Conference messenger

Peer to peer audio voice chat in c sharp receiving port: 6000 sending port: 5000 with dll file called voice.dll...

C# to achieve sound card detection and audio equipment properties

Application backgroundGood use in both the server and client programs.Key TechnologyC# to achieve sound card detection and audio device properties, the system can be controlled by the size of the volume. Very good code to achieve....


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