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Converting PDF to Text in C#

Translated by  maninwest@Codeforge Author:Dan Letecky @CodeProjectThere are several main methods for extracting text from PDF files in .NET: Microsoft IFilter interface and Adobe IFilter implementation.iTextSharpPDFBoxNone of these PDF parsing solutions is perfect. We will discuss all thes...

C#, operation on Excel and wps

This program is for my friend who are the owner of a shop. The program can read a  WPS model and get a EXCEL billing list. Then fill the data on the Excel into the model to generate a doucment ,ready for print. The doucment will be saved in  the time order ....

Folder monitor OCR recognition

Folders can be monitored, if folders are there when the action is created, deleted, modified, triggers an event....

PDF text extraction c # source

1. using xpdf3.04 in the of pdftotext function to extraction PDF file in the of text; 2.pdftotext original for control Taiwan application program, to c++/CLR interface, easy. NET calls; 3. increased pdftotext extraction parameter set interface, can in. NET calls shí itself set; 4. can extraction PD...

File extraction framework

It is. NET platform files on extraction framework, mainly to solve the problem of extracting the contents in various formats, such as PDF, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, and so on....

APS paper Wizard

Simply put, active competition for limited resources . 供应链管理主要是:(1)管理活动 :生产, 采购, 发运或 仓储产品 ( 2 ) Management resources = 机器 , 人 , Material or money What is optimization of three questions 1 That defines decisi...

Winfrom+ embedded word, Excel source code to achieve

Use controls, PPT and EXCEL, WORD methods displayed in the window. This project needs to compile VS2010 or more. In C # language development....

Analysis of GPS data and save it to MongoDB

GPS in a path, the file is saved, the iteration of the program will deal with these folders, saved GPS file parsed to the MongoDB database...

Extract text from Word, and PowerPoint

A simple tool for reading Office files, without using Microsoft Office software and Interop extraction. contents of the doc,.docx,.ppt,.pptx file, and summary information....

NOPI Excel

A more useful Excel processing librariesPrivate void button1_Click (object sender, EventArgs e){HSSFWorkbook HSSFWorkbook = new HSSFWorkbook ();HSSFSheet sheet1 = (HSSFSheet) hssfworkbook. CreateSheet (" test ");/ / HSSFSheet sheet1 = (HSSFSheet) hssfworkbook. CreateSheet (" sheet1 &q...


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