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Converting PDF to Text in C#

1.8.7.dll然后复制以下文件的 bin 目录:·         commons-logging.dll·         fontbox-1.8.7.dll·         IKVM.OpenJDK.Text.dll·         IKVM.OpenJDK.Util.dll·         IKVM.Runtime.dll使...

Folder monitor OCR recognition

Folders can be monitored, if folders are there when the action is created, deleted, modified, triggers an event....

APS paper Wizard

align:center;"> Simply put, active competition for limited resources . 供应链管理主要是:(1)管理活动 :生产, 采购, 发运或 仓储产品 ( 2 ) Management resources = 机器 , 人 , Material or money What is optimization of three questions...

Winfrom+ embedded word, Excel source code to achieve

Use controls, PPT and EXCEL, WORD methods displayed in the window. This project needs to compile VS2010 or more. In C # language development....

Analysis of GPS data and save it to MongoDB


NOPI Excel

height: 21px; color: rgb(43, 43, 43); font-family: arial, sans-serif; background-color: rgb(250, 250, 250);">A more useful Excel processing librariesPrivate void button1_Click (object sender, EventArgs e){HSSFWorkbook HSSFWorkbook = new HSSFWorkbook ();HSSFSheet sheet1 = (HSSFSheet) hssfworkbook. Cr...

action classes of Split the strings in C#

space:nowrap;">C#分割字符串操作类 这是我自己总结的。调用windows API函数,来实现CSharp下的分割字符串操作类。使用方便,欢迎下载。 实现的功能:1)通过单个字符拆分字符串2)通过字符串拆分字符串,...

AlexisEditor c # generate chm, and production editor

space:nowrap;">AlexisEditor c#生成chm,并制作编辑器,全部源码,包括现有文档生成chm电子书,网页生成电子书,手动编辑生成电子书等等功能,十分方便!...


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