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Folder Locker

You can lock your folder with password.Used Language: C#Visual Studio 2012+              ...

Utility to search text files that are duplicated

When you run the program before the user opens the main window that contains a field for entering the required directory to find duplicate text files.  There is also a button that when clicked, you can select the directory from the directory tree.  Then the user can choose the option which...

changetool for convert between unicode and string of chinese

This is a simple tool to convert normal charstring to unicode-based chinese encoding and reverse. detailed functions are:1.provide unicode validate-checking method2. provide RegularExpressions ofrecognize unicode, chinese3.provide string to unicode chansform mothod4.provide unicode to string transfo...


i am a student of Bs(cs) ... i want to say something about my Personal thinking about social media ... it has many ways to describe yyour feelings than y we use social media for an average personality if it has no need of famous.... so it has very bad impact on our new generations so please keep con...


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