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RoadFlow workflow engine source code

RoadFlow is a integrated workflow engine for ASP.NET MVC rapid application development platform, by workflow for many years engaged in technology development and implementation of team development. The workflow platform is based on years of experience into enterprise workflow application, in conform...

wpf visio imitation process modeling tool

WPF design code, and processes that can be simple in a Windows environment...

Vs2012 c # client/server-based leave management system

Vs2012 based on c # of c/s   holiday management system achieved has leave, lapse, personnel vacation information situation displayed database can put in local also can put in Server personnel is divided into clerk, and Chief, and Office approval, led approval clerk submitted applications, first...

Parking lot management system

Application background停车场管理系统                                                                         &nbs...

China Digital Medical Network Forum - innovative HIS system pure C# source code

Application backgroundDigital medicalChina Digital Medical Network Forum - innovative HIS system pure C# source.RarCan refer to...

Intelligent agricultural control system written in C#

Application backgroundC# prepared by the intelligent agricultural control system, with real-time monitoring feedback, intelligent control, artificial regulation, and other functions....

Control attendance in secondary development of source code, c #

Application backgroundMiddle control attendance machine two development source C#One, black and white screen demo C# add the test function1, add EnableUser function test function in userinfo2, add ModifyPrivilege function test function in userinfo3, add GetEnrollDataStr function test function in use...

Samkar Retail Management System

Samkar POS & Retail Management System is a database centered system which can be used for managing your SME. Samkar RMS allows users to store almost all of their business' information electronically, including information on sales, employees, properties, customers, vendors and even allows for ex...

PPT control system based on kinect

Leveraging Microsoft's kinect for gesture recognition, using gestures to control playback ppt, this procedure is implemented using c #, is a WPF project, functionality that you implement is to identify the nearest sensor by the presenter, when its left hand, swinging to the left, away from the head...


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