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Intelligent agricultural control system written in C#

Application backgroundC# prepared by the intelligent agricultural control system, with real-time monitoring feedback, intelligent control, artificial regulation, and other functions....

Fractal generator

This is fractal generator i created in c# with GUI working under windows. You can generate fractals such as mandelbrot, julia and intresting buddhabrot, a planing to work more on it plus add generation of many other fractals. What can you do?  -You can generate fractals, change opti...

Electronic medical record Editor (form)

Reconstruction on the basis of the original Editor, added a table function. Is not achieved by richText rich-text box. Realization of graphic integration, and achieving drag to the cells, merge and split back NET graphics programming is to type the System.Drawing.Graphics centered, its main used ty...

SqlServer and Dbase3 conversion tools (DBF)

Application backgroundThe original use of SQL Server 2000 database, through DTS tools easily between the SQL server and DBF file of data import and export, now installed SQL Server2005 after and found that it provides the SQL Server import and Export Wizard in the data source is not the original ric...

Modelling of hotel complex working

Revenue management is commonly practiced in the hotel industry to help hotels decide on room rate and allocation. Hotel revenue management is perceived as a managerial tool for attempting to sell each room with the highest price so as to achieve the highest revenue Traditionally hot...

Country pay treasure interface

Country pay treasure interface, Alipay interface...

C# management system

C# management system, this is a logistics management system based on c # program, is a Visual Studio 2010 project. Contains program source files, linked files, and executable files. Also, their own databases....

C # completion port

C # completion port, one instance of the server source program, further modified open source use....

Mind Puzzle Game in C#

This is a simple game written in C# in which user presses  Up, Down, Left, Right arrow keys to play this game.The objective of this game is to arrange 1 to 15 numbers in ascending order where the numbers in grid are in random. User will have 10 minutes of time to complete this game. I...

SwitchNetCOnfig ver 1.0

A SwitchNetConfig is a software that can show live ip we can use to proxy change it and can use to change proxy as per as we give it best to use to smart people it can use in any were in laptop desktop server etc just put ur ip and proxy whatever u want and enjoy....


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