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Student information management system

Student information management system, functions to achieve: student information queries, student information to add, delete student information, log on to verify student information management system!Programming software VS2008, database type SQL Server2005!...

four frinds team

please me for project , I am needed software drawing shapes such as square,rectangle and circle , pen gui...

Reservation Software

size:16px;">这是虚拟演播室与 C# 的酒店预订系统。该项目的目的是提供简单的理解如何为代码,您可以创建您自己的数据库...

Managing the operation of supermarket

This project is used for managing the operations of super market...  in this project, user can enter their stock details such as purchase and sales and also maintaining reports......

Tracking Microsoft Solutions (a Newer SCM tool)

Translated by maninwest@Codeforge Author:sbarnes@CodeProject Neweris an application to compare snapshots of solutions taken over time. This tool can be helpful when your task is to quickly gauge where new development has occurred, where previous snapshots have become obsolete, and to find when these...


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