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Samkar Retail Management System

space:nowrap;">Samkar POS 零售管理系统是为中心的数据库系统,它可以被用来管理你的中小企业。Samkar RMS 允许用户存储几乎所有他们的业务信息的电子化,包括销售、 员工、 属性、 客户、 供应商的资料,甚至允许功能用户发展到...

PPT control system based on kinect

Leveraging Microsoft's kinect for gesture recognition, using gestures to control playback ppt, this procedure is implemented using c #, is a WPF project, functionality that you implement is to identify the nearest sensor by the presenter, when its left hand, swinging to the left, away from the head...

C # enterprise personnel management system

family:黑体;">系统介绍 根据企业对人事管理的要求,本系统可以实现以下目标: l  操作简单方便、界面简洁美观。 l  在查看员工信息时,可以对当前员工的家庭情况、培训情况进行添加、修改、删除的操作。 l  方便...

voice chat

family:Arial, sans-serif;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;font-size:14px;margin:15px 0px 0px;line-height:20px;"> 任何一个可以帮我如何做语音聊天和在 C# 中的 cideo 聊天...与客户端服务器......可以任何一个帮我一个源代码或可遵循的一些技巧......

Fractal generator

height:1.5;">-In Julia you can select random number to generate different Julia´s -You can also Zoom into fractals -Save images is also an option -You can open multiple windows and generate multiple fractal at once, application is also multithreaded Short cut - Ctrl + B crea...

Electronic medical record Editor (form)

size:10.5000pt;font-family:'宋体';">在原来的编辑器的基础上进行改造,加了表格的功能。不是通过richText富文本框来实现。可以实现图文混编,并且对单元格实现拖拽,合并和拆分。.NET图形编程是以类型 System.Drawing.Graphics为中心...

Arcengine fundamental functions

C # basic operations based on arcengine10.2 writes the details shows a three-dimensional view of set will help beginners understand the three dimensional camera ArcGIS....

C # Enterprise inventory management system


Student information management system

Student information management system, functions to achieve: student information queries, student information to add, delete student information, log on to verify student information management system!Programming software VS2008, database type SQL Server2005!...

Modelling of hotel complex working

family:'Arial Unicode MS', 'Arial Unicode', Arial, 'URW Gothic L', Helvetica, Tahoma, sans-serif;font-size:13px;line-height:20px;text-align:justify;white-space:normal;word-spacing:-1px;background-color:#FFFFFF;">收入管理通常是在酒店业,帮助酒店房价及分配决定实践了。酒店...


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