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Video Conference C#

Video conference in C#. It has two executable file one of which is Peer1, and the other is Peer2. It was used in term project. ...

Catering management system

Application backgroundThe system is a small restaurant management system, can effectively manage the small and medium-sized restaurant consumption, the system should achieve the following objectives:  the system uses human-computer interaction, the interface is beautiful and friendly, informati...

C # ATM machine

With c # Realize the ATM machine, simple queries, withdrawals, transfers and other functions, the user according to their own account password, log in, check User information...

Stoneware Server source code tool set

Used to make stone tools the image patch. continental pictures. and provides a tool for landing. map making tools, pictures modified, append patch and other tools. Study on the stone age, service required....

A random sample

The first programs, first Timer are used to control the rotation interval five random numbers. Then the event associated with the Enter key, key control program Enter the rotation of the beginning and end of functions. Ultimately I have to connect to the database, so that based on the selected numbe...

Read BMP picture information C program

Application backgroundBmp image file consists of three parts: bitmap file header data structure that contains BMP image file types, display information content; bitmap information data structure. It contains a BMP image width, height, compression method, and definition of color information.Key Techn...

Annual meeting code

Application backgroundThis program is developed for the company annual meetingConcrete process:1, open the program to display the total control interface, while loading all the data involved in the draw.2, click on the corresponding awards will enter the corresponding draw interface, click on the sp...

Automation code

Application backgroundFactory product test automation code, including mechanical hand control code...

On the basis of Basic language

Application backgroundBasic Microsoft was developed on the basis of the Visual language of Basic in 1991, and its first version was VisualBasic 1, this version features less, there are more problems. With the continuous update of the Windows operating system, Microsoft company has launched a VisualB...

3D C# model animation in WPF

Application backgroundThis program introduces WPF 3D testing, and additional WPF 3D animated feature. In the program, the 3D model can do no regular exercise, and also added, according to the custom path running process, interested to facilitate learning....


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