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Android Apllication SMS

An application that send and receive sms messages to another device Using SmsManager API which you can use to send an SMS from inside your own Application. By using the SmsManager API, you can customize your own Activity the way you want and use it in any manner you choose, so it’s much more flexi...

Android Service using Xamarin

Sample to demonstrate Sample Android Service using Xamarin.Android services run in the background, separate from the application. They are well suited to long running tasks such as completing a web upload, playing background audio and receiving location updates....

Android source code

C#+Android Android system source code...

Fast video stabilization

left:0cm;text-align:justify;text-indent:9.95pt;"> We present a new efficient video stabilization method based on Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform (DT-CWT). Our method relies on three distinctive techniques in achieving robust stabilization. Our first technique makes use of the linear relati...


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