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TCP-based hospital Queuing procedure

Based on asynchronous TCP, in which multiple threads, compressed within both client-and server-side source code, can be used for simple examples reference...

TCP heartbeating

top:0px;padding:0px;border:0px;list-style:none;word-wrap:normal;word-break:normal;line-height:21px;color:#323E32;font-family:simsun;font-size:14px;white-space:normal;background-color:#8A7C55;"> 判断对方(设备,进程或其它网元)是否正常动行,一般采用定时发送简单的...

Tic-Tac-Toe with chat capability using TCP/IP protocol

family:sans-serif;font-size:13px;line-height:19.1875px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">正面图是游戏的两个球员, X 和 O,轮流标记的空格中 3 × 3 网格.但我使用 13 x 13 网格。成功地将五个各自标记放置在水平、 垂直或对角线的行中的玩...

TCP Client

highlight">TCP Client.These class provide a higher level abstraction of the Socket to implement Client side program....

MPU6050 read out the original data for the x-axis using the I2C Protocol 51 program

MPU6050 use I2C protocol to read the X axis of the original data of 51 singlechip program...

UDP broadcast test procedures

UDP broadcast test program, a c # of broadcast end, a Java of response end, main is used to do automatically addressing features of a early test program, principle is such of, c # end through according to since defines of port paragraph, put itself of IP address and monitoring of port as information...

TCP-based asynchronous transmit data

This is a C # prepared to data base sendd on asynchronous tcp / ip protocol source code, which after repeated testing, can be directly used for the project. Function is to send data asynchronously, the need to write such a program would be helpful friend...


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