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C # communication program

The TCP/IP asynchronous communication programs written in c #, with server and client programs, source code, using asynchronous callbacks are implemented....

Chat by Ethernet

Enc28j60 is an ethernet IC which transmits and receives the data  over ethernet. You need just a microcontroller (the one we used is  ATMEGA 16), enc28j60 ic, a Magjack (the one we have used is DR-  RJ45IM from embedded market). ...

client-server port programming in c# language

client server communication in c#  client-server port programming in c# language this project write with c# to help us what write a communication ports with other....


In this article I will not focus on the basics of socket programming in .net, because there are already plenty of useful articles covering the basics (e.g Introduction to Socket programming, Sockets in C#, etc), but instead I will focus on the part which those useful articles are not cover...

Socket file sending and receiving

Application backgroundUsing c# development, the use of Socket to send and receive files, you can support the operation of large files, the database is Oracle, the main record file name and file storage path...

C# system process acquisition

Application backgroundSimple implementation of the current process of the system, including the process name and process PID...


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